Boies-Lord House

Hamburg Antiques Study Group has restored and operates the Boies-Lord House Museum. The Boies-Lord House is a typical middle class Greek revival house of the mid-19th century. It originally stood on Main Street of a small town known as Whites Corners. Whites Corners became the village of Hamburg in 1874.

The house had various owners in the 19th century, among whom was a lawyer, Horace Boies. He later become the governor of Iowa.  From 1925 to 1975, the house was owned by the Lord family and served as the home and medical office of Dr. Alvah Lord.  In 1979, the house was moved to its present location.

The museum is furnished circa 1840-1860 with late Empire and early Victorian pieces. The Erie Canal was finished in 1825 and made it possible for middle class people in western New York to have such nice things as wallpaper, carpets, and whale oil lamps.

To learn more:

Any time during the year by appointment for groups of 4 or more.
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5853 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY 14075